Royal Natal and Amphitheatre slack packing hike

Royal Natal Amphitheater slack packing tail

3 day Slackpacking hiking trail in the Northern Drakensberg – Max 12 persons

The Royal Natal & Amphitheatre Slack Packing Hike is a lovely way to see the well known Drakensberg Ampitheatre up close, but with some comfort thrown in. You stay at Sungubala eco camp in soft beds and have a huge South African bbq (braai).

The next day you stroll through the Cavern hotel grounds on your way through Sugar Loaf Gap to the ridge above. As a result you can expect great views of the Drakensberg. Once on top it is only a short couple hours to our overnight stay at Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge. Furthermore, you will also have soft comfortable beds, and a cool restaurant where we have supper.

The following day is the one you have really been waiting for on the Royal Natal & Amphitheatre Slack Packing Hike. You get driven the 8km of dirt road to the Sentinal Peak car park, where you start today’s walk. Here we are 2500m above sea level but on top of the chain ladders we get to 2950m. On the way you walk up the Zigzags for our first views along the Ampitheatre wall, just above The Witches.

Then we have an easy walk along the contour path to the famous Drakensberg Chain Ladders. Once up the ladders you are on top of the Ampitheatre with a nice walk to the Tugela Falls for lunch. The Tugela Falls are the 2nd highest in the world, and the highest in Africa, so this is a great spot for lunch.

After filling our stomachs and checking out the views you head up the Beacon Buttress and back down the Gully. Once back at the car park you get driven back to Witsieshoek for a visit to the bar.

After another good night you walk back down through Royal Natal park via the Mahai valley to finish the Royal Natal & Amphitheatre Slack Packing Hike.

The Royal Natal & Amphitheatre Slack Packing Hike is an Easy to Intermediate Level Hike.